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Happy hour

SORAT Insel-Hotel Regensburg

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Chill out time

Some say happy hour or blue hour we call it chill out time. One hour, during which you can relax and relieve the daily stress. Head down to our Danubes lobby bar. With breathtaking river view towards the old town you can enjoy holiday mood and a touch of Mediterranean flair in Bavaria. In addition to the amazing views, naturally, we offer delicious cocktails and lounge atmosphere. If lovely views and drinks inside are not enough to lure you out – our lobby bar is hosting a small balcony terrace. Come during the summertime, relax under the stars with excellent views of the city and a cocktail in hand. Bring a warm sweater as it can get sometimes a little chilly.

Chill out time

  • Monday to Friday
  • From 08:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Lounge chill-out music
  • 20% off all cocktails
  • 20% off all long drinks

Danubes lobby bar


  • Free entry to the chill out time
  • Reservation not required
  • Prices include service and VAT
  • Allergen list can be consulted at the bar
  • Additive list can be consulted at the bar