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Wine tour buffet

Dear wine lovers, here we are giving you an insight into our culinary offers of one of our wine tours with wine from Fürstlich Castell'sche Domänenamt winery - Lower Franconia, Oppmann champagne factory - Würzburg, Heinrich Gies winery - Palatinate, Fattoria Uccelliera winery - Italy, Zuschmann-Schöfmann winery - Austria, Torres winery - Spain, Boschendal winery - South Africa. Immerse yourself in a world of new taste and be surprised by what is possible next year. We hope to see you.

Palatinate wine selection

Scallops, chorizo sausage, apple, shallots, nut butter, cauliflower, vanilla
Shrimps in whiskey-ginger marinade, curry-cocos Mousse, coriander
Salmon crêpes, pineapple, pistachios, chili cream cheese
Peas pancake with soured cream and trout caviar

Italian wine selection

Olive salad, wine jelly, figs confit, goat cheese, lemon, basil
Polenta muffin, leaf spinach, parmesan cheese, dried tomatoes, pine nuts, balsamic vinegar
Focaccia crostini, olive butter, onion jam, dried tomatoes, rocket salad
Gorgonzola espuma, grapes, pear ragout, parma ham, wild herb pesto

Spanish wine selection

Andalusian fish soup

Austrian wine selection

Wheat groat, dried apricots, braised vegetables, yogurt, lemon jelly
Small bacon-spinach dumpling with parmesan cheese, browned butter
Boiled beef aspic, apple-horseradish, blackberry vinegar
Goose liver, brioche, port wine jelly

South African wine selection

Medallions of ostrich fillet, beer, honey, gin, bacon
Fried back of zebra
Manioc mash and manioc cake
Cobs and naan bread
Maize, bell pepper, zucchini

Franconian wine selection

Fried pike perch fillet, horseradish potatoes, carotts
Stewed roebuck, bread crumbed potato dumplings with savoy cabbage, bacon
Lukewarm red cabbage salad

Dessert selection

Chocolate-espresso cake with raisins
Kaiserschmarrn shredded pancake with raisins and fruit compote made out of plums
Banana jogurt with maple syrup, curry, peanut, orange pancakes
Mousse with amarena cherries, dark chocolate, spiced sauce
Mascarpone cream, mango jelly, coffee syrup, white chocolate shavings
Strawberry salad with buttermilk, basil, lemon, honey, nut caramel