Sorat Hotels DE

Hotel Central Hof


Onion roast / Roasted potatoes / Fried onions / Herb butter 24.50 Euro
Goose breast / Chestnuts / Dumplings / Red cabbage / Mugwort sauce 22.50 Euro
Barbarie duck breast / Sesame honey sauce / Cream savoy / Macaire potatoes 24.50 Euro
Black Angus beef fillet / Port wine shallot sauce / Celery potato puree / Parsnip 28.00 Euro
Black Angus beef fillet / Pepper sauce / Vegetables / Port wine shallot sauce / Potato gratin 22.50 Euro
Wild boar roast / Red cabbage / Dumplings / Apple ragout / Cranberries 16.50 Euro
Venison roast / Chestnuts / Red cabbage / Dumplings / Cranberries 21.50 Euro

Information about allergens and additives can be consulted directly at the restaurant

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