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Lemon-thyme pasta

Lemon-thyme pasta

Brandner restaurant Regensburg

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Servings4 people
Skill levelEasy

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This is a slightly different take on most pastas because it uses lemon and thyme. It is superb served with a few grilled shrimp or sliced calamari, shells or crabs as well.


  • 500 grams '00' flour
  • 5 free-range eggs
  • 1 - 2 untreated lemons
  • 2 stalks fresh thyme


  • Chop the thyme leaves finely. Grate one or two lemons to your taste.
  • Sieve the flour into a terrine dish, in order to prevent lumps from forming. Add chopped thyme and grated lemon, stir well.
  • Separate the eggs, add egg whites and egg yolks to the flour.
  • Mix well all ingredients; use your hands to knead it into a smooth, silky dough. If the dough is too steady add lukewarm water or some olive oil drop by drop.
  • Form the dough into a ball, wrap in foil and cool for around one to two hours the fridge.
  • Roll the dough out to approximate one millimetre thin layer; on a floured cloth by using a rolling pin and cut thinner or thicker sheets with a sharp knife. Or use a pasta maker.
  • Boil the fresh pasta in abundant, salted and boiling water until al dente. The cooking time depends on the size and thickness of the pasta around one to two minutes.

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