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Sorat Hotels DE

SORAT Insel-Hotel Regensburg

Classic menu per person from 32.00 Euro

For dinner we will serve you our classic menu with up to four courses; from 06:00 pm; Wednesday to Saturday. If you want you can only order the appetizer and the main course or the dessert. Choose from our components to match your individual menu. Naturally we offer the matching wine.

Smoked salmon tartar / Caper mayonnaise / Cucumber / Pineapple / Cream / Salad / Balsamic 9.50 Euro
Red pepper / Yellow pepper / Hot salami / Bacon foam / Chervil 6.50 Euro
Corn poulard / Lemon foam / Leaf spinach / Tomato / Polenta 16.50 Euro
Frozen Kaiserschmarrn pancake / Berry gel / Strudel crunchies / Strawberry / Elderberry 6.50 Euro

3 / 32.00 Euro
4 / 36.00 Euro

Information about allergens and additives can be consulted directly at the restaurant