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We have abolished the classic menu, because culinary variety is half the life. Therefore, we serve a menu on Saturdays from 06:00 pm. As classic menu or fusion menu. Or one with up to four courses and three main courses to choose from. For the menu, our chef Thomas Rieger is inspired by all four seasons. On top all ingredients come from the region. In order for us to prepare for your visit in the best possible way, we ask for table reservation. Use our online reservation. If you prefer the fusion menu instead of the classic menu, please write it in the comment field. Or call us. Phone + 49 9 41 - 810 44 70.

Classic menu

  • Starter: Gratinated goat's cheese / Artichoke / Apricot chutney / Lamb's lettuce / Walnut / Balsamic
  • Soup: Red pepper / Yellow pepper / Spicy salami / Bacon foam / Chervil
  • Main: Veal rump / Port wine cream / Green beans / Macadamia / Butter potatoes
  • Dessert: Pumpkin seed parfait / Styrian seed oil / Passion fruit / Kumquats / Vanilla crunchy

Fusion Menü

  • Starter: Smoked salmon tartare / Wakame / Red miso / Rocket / Radish
  • Intermediate: Duck liver / Balsamic / Lukewarm blue cabbage salad / Sweet soy sauce / Goji berries / Lotus roots
  • Main: Ox cheek / Teriyaki / Root vegetables / Pickled ginger / Potato wasabi mash / Sesame
  • Dessert: Beetroot / Yuzu cream / Honey / Passion fruit / Wan tan

Price menus

  • 3 / 32.00 Euro
  • 4 / 36.00 Euro

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  Follow us #RestaurantBrandner

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