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Andullation massage

Where do you feel the pain? Back? Leg? Feet? As of now we provide a medical andullation therapy by the system of hhp in the SORAT Hotel Ambassador Berlin. The vibrating massage in combination with the infrared warmth is helpful with enhancement of general health and well-being and is already used by doctors and therapists in health centres and clinics. Forget your pain and take advantage of our offer during your next visit.

Basic treatments

P01 – Warm up:

For warming up; relaxing the muscular system.

P02 – Deep muscular andullation:

Significant reduction of muscular cramps; vitalising effect; promotes physical well-being; stimulation of natural metabolic processes.

P03 – Stimulation of the lymphatic system:

Lymph system is positively stimulated; decomposition of metabolic by-products, assists detoxication; purification and detoxification; support venous return; tightens connective tissue, against cellulite.

P04 – Impulse andullation:

Release of muscular cramps; stimulate and optimize blood circulation.

P05 – Relaxation:

Deep relaxation; significant reduction of stress and generate energy; activation of self-healing; helps at sleepiness.

P06 – Stimulation of the foot reflex zones:

Against circulatory disorders in lower legs and feet; significant reduction of pain, improves lymphatic flow and blood circulation; strengthening of immune system.

Medical treatments

P07 – Unblocks tension:

Helpful for dealing with pains and muscle tension in backs; hardeing [removal myegeloses].

P08 – Chronic back pain:

Helpful for dealing with chronic pains in lumbar vertebrae; sciatica.

P09 – Neck relaxation:

In the case of tension headaches; migraine and tension in the muscles of the neck; helpful for dealing with shoulder pain.

P10 – Mobilize joints:

For joint pain; arthrosis and rheumatism; osteoporosis.

P11 – Relaxation:

General sense of well-being and reduces stress and decreases the danger of burnout; acts immediately with relaxing effect.

P12 – Activates the metabolism:

Natural metabolic processes are promoted for example helping people with weight problems; for indigestion; in case of swollen legs.

P13 – Regeneration after sports:

Enhances the regeneration after the sports and physically demanding activities immediately; reducing of aching muscle; supports decomposition and removal of metabolism waste products.

P14 – Specific treatment for visceral fat:

Stimulation in case of digestive problems as well as regulates and normalises the digestion; stimulates blood circulation in deeper organs; stimulates abdominal muscles; reduction of inflammation markers from visceral fat area [while andullation belt is still tightened].

P15 – Deep relaxation:

Stress reduction and relaxation; in case of sleep and sleep through problems; supports meditation with beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system.

P16 – Stimulate heart and circulation:

Positive effect on the cardiovascular system; increases circulation; improvement of oxygen.

P17 – Relieving acute pains:

Used for lumbago; in case of cramp in calves.

P18 – Removal of sleep disorders:

Efficiently reduction of sleep disorders; strains of everyday life are soothed.

P19 – Relaxing effect on tissues:

Provides better blood supply to tissues and brings about muscular relaxation; removes blockades.

P20 –Stress tolerance:

Balances the vegetative nervous system and reduces stress; greater tolerance to stressors.



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05:00 pm - 10:00 pm


10.00 Euro

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15 minutes

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15 minutes

15 minutes

Rates including VAT. On request and upon availability. Appointments by arrangement upon your arrival or a few days before your arrival by phone. Details on the company page of home health products AG.

Andullation massage