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Hotel Central Hof

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Comfort roomComfort roomComfort room
Detail comfort roomWellness suiteWellness suite
Bath in the wellness suiteBath in the wellness suiteKastaniengarten Hof restaurant
Kastaniengarten Hof restaurantKastaniengarten Hof restaurantZirbelstube with small cocktail bar
Cocktail hour in the ZirbelstubeKastaniengarten chef de cuisine Ralph Gelder at workThe cuisine of Kastaniengarten restaurant: light, fine und creative

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Hotel Central Hof

Best price SR Standard DR Standard
Fr  01.08.2014 EUR   75.00 EUR   90.00
Sa  02.08.2014 EUR   75.00 EUR   90.00
Su  03.08.2014 EUR   75.00 EUR   90.00
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