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SORAT Insel-Hotel Regensburg

Sports and fun

Leisure tips for active people and against boredom on a perfect day - no matter what weather.


  • Sauna
  • Cosmetic on request
  • Massage on request


  • Jogging routes along the Danubes river
  • Bike tracks along the Danubes river
  • Excursion steamer's boat dock: 500 m
  • Motorboat and yacht rental: 500 m Link
  • Canoes rental: 1 km
  • Tennis and squash: 1 km
  • Golf course: 10 km Link
  • Hot-air balloon trip: 10 km
SORAT Insel-Hotel Regensburg fitness area with sauna
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SORAT Insel-Hotel Regensburg

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