SORAT Insel-Hotel Regensburg

By plane

The nearest airport is Munich-Erding (MUC, 110 km - around 55 minutes by car). Flight timetable and flight connection information is available from Flughafen München GmbH at:

By car

Munich Airport can be reached by car directly via the A92 motorway. Take the A92 motorway in the direction of Landhut/Landau. Leave the motorway via the Essenbach exit (No. 15) and continue driving on the B15 federal road in the direction of Regensburg. Or take the A93 motorway:

By car

By rail

If you are not planning to rent a car, then take the MVV 635 to railway station Freising (15 minutes). From there, take an InterRegio or a RegionalExpress train of Deutsche Bahn to Regensburg. Trains leave every hour and the journey takes around 60 minutes.

By train

By the airportLiner shuttle service

A shuttle service connects Munich Airport to Regensburg. The journey takes around 80 minutes. Timetable and fare information is available from airportLiner shuttle service at: