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SORAT Hotel Brandenburg

Parduin restaurant

Black leather seats and benches, high book shelves, a warm wooden floor ­ an atmosphere reminiscent of stately English mansions. Paintings frame on frame on rust-red walls, a white tiled stove in the corner, overlooking the brick facade of the old town hall. In this warm, almost cosy atmosphere, your taste buds will be pampered by the diversity of excellent regional cuisine.

  • Seating for 40
  • Fine regional cuisine
  • Daily from 11:30 am - 11:00 pm


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Parduin restaurant with bar
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SORAT Hotel Brandenburg

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Mo  21.04.2014 EUR   78.00 EUR   87.00
Tu  22.04.2014 EUR   68.00 EUR   77.00
We  23.04.2014 EUR   68.00 EUR   77.00



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