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Hotel Agneshof Nürnberg

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Exterior at night (Dürer Straße street view)Exterior at day (Dürer Straße street view)Exterior detail
Exterior detailLobby - view from the receptionMultimedia corner in the lobby
Agneshof breakfast restaurantBreakfast buffetAgneshof breakfast restaurant
Lobby with view towards the breakfast restaurantAgnesbar lobby barStandard room with Agnesgasse view
Standard roomBed in standard and comfort roomBathroom (room category: standard)

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Agneshof Nürnberg

Best price SR Standard DR Standard
Sa  30.08.2014 not available not available
Su  31.08.2014 EUR   60.00 EUR   75.00
Mo  01.09.2014 EUR   60.00 EUR   75.00
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