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Hotel Agneshof Nürnberg

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Sports and fun

Leisure tips for active people and against boredom on a perfect day - no matter what weather.


  • Wellness area
  • Sauna
  • Whirlpool
  • Green and peaceful garden with lawn


  • Jogging routes along Wöhrder See lake: 2 km
  • Leisure park Dutzendteich: 5 km
  • Outdoor swimming pool Langsee lake: 5 km
  • Tennis court: 6 km
  • Golf course: 15 km
  • Bike tracks: 30 km
Wellness area with whirlpool
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Agneshof Nürnberg

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Su  21.09.2014 EUR   60.00 EUR   77.00
Mo  22.09.2014 EUR   80.00 EUR   94.00
Tu  23.09.2014 not available not available
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